Construction restarted in Orissa!

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we were able to send the first deposit to New Life Academy in Orissa, India, which allows them to restart construction on their school building!! Just $77,000 remains between them, the 5 month deadline to vacate their…Read More

Urgent Need in Orissa, India!

New Life Academy of Orissa, India recently received word that they must move out of their rented facility within FIVE MONTHS. Months ago WWCS donors funded the start of a new school building for New Life but the construction was halted after the first phase…Read More

22 hours left in the daily challenge - $1000 could be raised...

and it may take as little as 100 donations to have it matched at $1000! Spread the word - invite friends - and give a little.

A giving challenge and banquet on Nov 9 - Let's win $50,000 to help India's children.

Hi everyone, We've got a great way to help the cause - and kill two birds with one stone. Our cause just entered in America's Giving Challenge, which gives us a chance to win $50,000! On top of that, we're having a banquet on Monday, November 9, in…Read More

A Fantastic Challenge - a Matching gift

Generous donors to Worldwide Christian Schools have set up a matching gift challenge for The Slumschool Project. Twenty-five Thousand Dollars has been offered as a matching gift for the following: new donors to WWCS, returning donors (if they haven't donated…Read More

New photo album: Heroes of the Cause If you've done something special to promote the Slumschool Millionaire cause, or have a photo of you in your Cause Shirt, please send it to us with description of…Read More

just click to make a difference!

WE HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN $10,000. So we have this great idea that we submitted on but need your vote to bring it to life. Click below to vote for my idea and give it a fighting chance. Thanks for your…Read More
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