THANK-YOU & news...please take a moment to read...

Skeletons Don’t Sleep is two weeks from the official release (2/14/10)! Those you who donated last year and ordered will be seeing your copy in a couple of weeks!  We truly could not have made it this far without the support we’ve received from all of you.…Read More

HUGE news...& PLEASE join the new group!!!

First off Skeletons Don't Sleep is DONE!! Woo hoo. Thank-you all for your positive energy and support for the project. We love you. The book has been released digitally: The printed version will be available FEBRUARY 14, 2010.…Read More

are you our friend yet on facebook?

:) Thanks so much for joining the be our friends! Send us a friend request we'd love to have you in our feed and virtually meet all of you! Peace, Jeff & Kelly (Skeletons Release Date COMING SOON!)

$20 for a signed copy? HOW? Today ONLY...

In honor of the last fundraising day we have added one more reward. It's a signed copy for only $20 with the first release. If you haven't reserved your copy yet...we urge you to do it. We…Read More

Jeff & Kelly's Facebook

For some reason the page is not working. We are trying to figure out why. If it remains an issue through tomorrow we will just start a new page. In the meantime if you need us please just EMAIL us... [email protected] Peace, Kelly & Jeff

GOAL!! Wooo hooo....thank-you

Everyone thank-you so much we have reached (104% funded $3,635 pledged) and surpassed our goal of $3500. We could not have done it without you. Our work is not over yet. We still have lots to do. The book has to go through it's final edit before it goes off…Read More

The Morning Buzz...

Hey Everyone, Once again we need your help...we you haven't done enough already!! You have been fantastic, simply fantastic. The book WILL BE PUBLISHED. We have only $185 left to raise. We'll get there we have no doubt. Anywho...we are hoping to…Read More
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