इसी अनुसार आप भी करें आयोजन-वन्देमातरम

इसी अनुसार आप भी करें आयोजन-वन्देमातरम

Independence day on 29 July 2011

my dear brothers and sisters we are celebrating freedom day on 29 july 2011 as per our bhartiya calander-sawan krishna chaturdashi, and want to do the same from every bhartiya, if u will do the same we will announce a vandemataram prize of Rs 1000/- to best…Read More

Freedom day

what is our freedom day, sawan krishn chaturdasi or 15 august, many are with sawan krishn chaturdasi this year, and what about u-Vandemataram


bhrastachar bhartiyata ke virudh hai, aur jo bhi bhartiyata ke viruddh hai uska sampurn vinash karna har bharatiya ka dayitwa hai, isliye mai baba ram dev aur anna hazare ke sath hun-vandemataram

Why we should stop 15 august

My dear Bharatiyon Question is not only to stop 15 august,question is to why not Sawan Krishna Chaturdashi, we are bhartiya then we are advertiser of bhartiyata too, then why we spread 15 august why not Sawan Krishna Chaturdashi, only after britishers we know…Read More
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