Makhaza Toilets: Review & The Way Forward (Gavin Silber & Angy Peter)

There was widespread controversy earlier this year when it emerged that 50 households in the low-income settlement of Makhaza (Khayelitsha) had been provided with unenclosed toilets, leaving residents deprived of their rights to health, safety and dignity.…Read More

Queue for Sanitation and Safety

A global campaign is being held around the world from 20 - 22 March, which will involve participants symbolically queuing behind a toilet in solidarity with the 2.5 billion people globally who do not have immediate access to safe and dignified toilets. In…Read More

Protest March Alert: CAMPAIGN 07-07-07

CAMPAIGN 07-0-7-07 THE WESTERN CAPE END ALLIANCE Activists, Human Rights on Defenders, Feminists and Comrades The 07-07-07 Campaign and The Western Cape End Hate Alliance invites you to march for justice in the Zoliswa Nkonyana murder trial. When are we…Read More
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