Vote for the Worst Health Insurance Company of 2013

Now's your chance to vote for the worst health insurance company of 2013! It's easy. Go here: The nominees are... UnitedHealth for paying its CEO, Stephen Hemsley, $49 million last year. Moda Health for paying $40 million for…Read More

The Worst Health Insurance Company?

Hi: Now's your chance to nominate the worst insurance company of 2013! Go here: Just tell us the which insurance company was the worst over the past twelve months and why.…Read More

Will Medicare Survive?

Hi: Yesterday, President Obama released a budget that would reduce Social Security benefits and shift healthcare costs onto seniors enrolled in Medicare. This proposed budget includes a "chained CPI" for Social Security, which Sen. Elizabeth Warren called…Read More

Should School Workers Earn $2 An Hour?

The cooks, custodians, and maintenance workers at the Old Rochester School system in Massachusetts are facing an impossible healthcare situation. You can help by signing their petition…Read More

Help Healthcare-NOW! Stay Strong in 2013!

History proves the power of grassroots movements funded by people like you is the only way to win against corporate greed. We need you to continue to support Healthcare-NOW! so we can end our healthcare crisis. Please make a tax-deductible donation today!…Read More

Tell 12 Governors Not to Block Medicaid

RootsAction and Healthare-NOW! are teaming up to tell 12 governors not to block the Medicaid expansion. Please sign our petition: Matthew Solis, 22, is a single father in San Juan,…Read More

Two Events with Michael Moore on June 30 in Philadelphia

The Supreme Court is going to rule on the Affordable Care Act sometime next week. Come hear what Michael Moore and some of the folks documented in his film SiCKO think about it in Philadelphia on Saturday, June…Read More
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