Online Survey 2012: Where do you want to stay in your old age ? WEAAD 2012 : This survey is part of WEAAD 2012 programme.

WORLD ELDER ABUSE AWARENESS DAY 2012: India & Transnational Programme

WORLD ELDER ABUSE AWARENESS DAY 2012: India & Transnational Programme, May 21st to June 30th 2012 : Join, Participate , Promote & Share :

Doante and Support Elders

Friends APPEAL FOR DONATION : I have been tirelessly working with Silver Inning Foundation for Four years trying to network , disseminate information , advocate & empower our Elderly & their family. Request you to generously Donate & support our…Read More

Donate and Support

In this season of Marriage & Celebration , you can do good to the society & our Elders by Donating 'Cash Gift Amount' to the NGO/Cause of Elders Silver Inning Foundation . In this way you can help/support the most ignored & neglected segment .…Read More

Donation Options to Indian Resident and People Abroad

Donation Options: If you feel we have done justice to the cause of Senior Citizens and made difference to life of our Elders and if you would like to support our effort to work with our Elders, please donate to the ‘Silver Inning Foundation’ to help us…Read More

Dr.Neela Patel ,Geriatrics Fellow Talks about Health Care of Senior Citizens in US & India

Dr.Neela Patel is MD,MPH ,Assistant Professor,Division of Community Geriatrics, Department of Family and Community Medicine,UT Health Science Centre , San Antonio,USA.She shares her experience of Geriatrics Care in India & USA .She was in India recently…Read More

3rd 'Silver Innings' Foundation Day

Today 10th April 2011 your ' Silver Innings' a social Enterprise completes 3rd year in service of our Senior Citizens. Salute to all our Elders and their Family Members . Thanks to all our Well Wishers & Supporters. Cheers…Read More
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