Please Support Sidelines During Prematurity Awareness Month

Time is money. It's also health, potential and sometimes life itself. Prematurity is the number one killer of babies at a cost of over $25 billion a year. And the cost to the family of these babies is immeasurable. For more than 20 years Sidelines has been at…Read More

Worldwide Prematurity Awareness Day November 17, 2011

Today is Worldwide Prematurity Awareness Day. Remember the smallest babies who need the gift of more time. More time to grow, more time to get strong. Sidelines Support Network: facing prematurity head on for over 20 years.…Read More

Please Remember Sidelines In Your Year-End Giving!

Despite the downturn in the economy, Sidelines has made our donation dollars stretch farther. If you are planning to make a charitable gift this season, please consider donating to Sidelines. You can make a tax-deductible donation here:…Read More

Sidelines in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

Sidelines staff and volunteers feature prominently in this new article about high risk pregnancy. You can read the article here:

Happy Mother's Day from Sidelines!

Wishing all our Sidelines moms, moms to be, and our volunteers a very Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day Countdown 4.29.11

When Sidelines started, we provided phone support only. Now Sidelines provides both phone and e-mail support, an award-winning web site, chat and discussion boards, and of course Facebook and Twitter. One of our volunteers coined the phrase "Cyber Auntie"…Read More

Sidelines celebrates our 20th anniversary

Sidelines is counting down to Mother's Day 2011! Twenty years, more than 100,000 women supported, and still going strong. Sidelines is the oldest and only federally registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing support in the United States and…Read More
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