Skip Black Friday -- Shop Local on the weekend

Get some sleep, skip the lines, avoid the hassle! Shop local over the weekend to support your local economy and your sanity!

Occupy Amazon -- Shop Your Local Bookstore

Amazon recently tried to draft independent bookstores as their de facto showroom. They asked Amazon price comparison app users to visit locals, find what they want, and then order it from Amazon. Doesn't sit well with me.…Read More

Local Coffee Shop Evicted for Starbucks

A popular Lower East Side coffee shop in NYC is being evicted -- to make room for another Starbucks. They aren't going down without a fight: they are relocating across the street. Great story: Is this evidence of landlord preference for a…Read More

If you love your local farmers, please read and take action

There are new proposed regulations for farmers of leafy green vegetables that will make it harder for small and medium-sized farmers to compete with big agribusiness. There are only three days left for public comment. Please follow the link, read the…Read More

Wine Now at Hvd. Sq. Farmers' Market

Wineries are now sampling and selling at the Harvard Square farmers' market on Friday. Yay!! As if great veggies, bread, and meat weren't enough. Now if only the pasta folks from VT would return...

Like to travel? Globe Corner Bookstore sale starts Friday

I stopped by the Globe Corner Bookstore in Harvard Square today. They told me that they are having a 20% off storewide sale starting on Friday, June 3. Stop by a great local bookstore for a deal before you hit the road.

Join Shop Local First to Kick Off Small Business Week

Smalll business matters: they make our communities vibrant, keep our local economies robust, and cater to our needs. Let's not forget that they employee us and our neighbors. We need to unite our voices to be as loud as the "big guys." Please join the group,…Read More
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