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Expose secret spending in our politics

Big money from anonymous donors has too much influence -- we deserve full disclosure!

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Obama Can Reform Dark Money With a Stroke of a Pen

This post was originally published at There’s a powerful solution for disclosing the secret-money sloshing around in our political system. It does not require an act of Congress or action from any of the effectively toothless campaign-finance watchdogs, like the Federal Election Commission. In fact, this solution could be…Read More
Common Cause
Common Cause Campaign leader

Our democracy is hanging in the balance.

The FEC Held a Hearing. It Revealed Almost Everything That’s Wrong With American Democracy.

Slate Magazine
Shaun McCutcheon in front of the United States Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 13, 2013. Photo by Gary Cameron/Reuters Woe, to be the Federal Election Commission in the age of the Koch brothers. The agency charged with safeguarding the integrity of American democracy has, in recent years, been hit again and again by other branches…Read More
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