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Millennium Liberal Fatwaism: Letter to my friends in Daily Star http://bauliana.blogspot.com/2009/03/millennium-liberal-fatwaism-letter-to.html * Shagufta Hussein at 1:36am March 15// I m not sure whether its surprising or shocking!!!!!!!!!! Its not bout…Read More

Millennium Liberal Fatwaism: Letter to my friends in Daily Sta

Dear Sayeda, Hana and Amin, As you are well aware, I do not out of choice read your newspaper and there are very many reasons, which I have publicly or privately shared – to no avail. Your Editor is probably very busy wheeling and dealing – than living up to…Read More

Which way are we going and which side will we be on ?

My Dearest S H I K O R-ites ! Greetings from Bangladesh and here is wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and a very Happy and prosperous 2009. We have had a hiatus given the long Eid holidays and now the euphoria surrounding the next General Election in…Read More

Dedicate your Facebook Profile to the Red and Green for 1 Day

Dear S H I K O Rites! 16th December 2008 is the 37th anniversary of our Victory Day. It is a day that fills us with pride and also a day that reminds us of the millions who perished fighting for our Independence, FOR OUR TODAY. Let us remember our heroes…Read More

S H I K O R : Thank You For Your Support and Help

Hello Everybody, It’s been a week since we launched the S H I K O R cause page and I am happy to report that as of today 20th November, we have 355 members and it is growing. We are averaging 50 new members either recruited or joining in voluntarily –…Read More

S H I K O R - Emancipation Movement from the Roots of Bangladesh

Dear Friends and Comrades, As you are all aware, Bangladesh is going through troubled times. Our politicians have historically let us down and we see no hope in the horizon of anything of substance changing our plight – unless we the Artist, Musicians,…Read More
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