What issue is number one on your priority list?

Purchasing a Home (33% people answered this) Repairing your Credit (66% people answered this) Finding Employment (0% people answered this) Locating an Affordable Rental (0% people answered this) Debt Management / Budgeting (0% people answered this) …Read More

Dream Home Purchasing Event 100% Financing No Credit Exclusions!!!

NACA AMERICAN DREAM EVENT   Home Buyer and Home Owner Assistance Provided   Thursday, February 14, 2013 to Monday, February 18, 2013   Washington, DC – DC Armory   You may register in advance. If you want additional information, contact me via email: …Read More

DownPayment Program Assistance for DC and MD up to 20K

Home Ownership is very necessary!!! First Come First Serve Downpayment Program for MD & DC Register by October 3 (Wednesday) for the even this Friday and Saturday at the Convention Center @MD_HomeSales #MD_home sales

There's Even Help for the Renters!!!

Help for Renters Help for RentersIntroduction In May 2009, a new federal law was passed to assist renters during foreclosure. Called the “Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act”, this law provides most renters with certain rights during foreclosure, namely,…Read More

Emergency Mortgage Assistance Still Available Bypass the NonProfit Organizations

Emergency Mortgage Assistance Still Available to Maryland Homeowners While similar HUD program application deadline looms, Maryland EMA Program Ends in September CROWNSVILLE, MD (July 20, 2011) – Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development…Read More

Check the New Non-Profit Provider list...

Good Day Members, Check the cause page for updated mortgage information. If you need assistance with locating the correct organization for you your specific need let me know I will assist you.... Have a wonderful day!!!

Need More Right Offs? They Reduce your Taxable Dollars !!!

Ok.. only two days to sign a Real Estate contract that will give you an $80000 tax credit for next year!!! My condo complex has 5 units for sale that undere $120,000 each within a gated community and private parking!!! You don't have to close till October…Read More
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