Lets keep up the good work

Lets have a goal to see 1,000 by Christmas! We can do it. For every person who joins we are committing to sharing Christ! We can do this. God bless and thank you! Sincerely in Christ Jeff Seaver

Great Job!

We are only 7 away from our goal of having 500 by the end of summer. No doubt we will go over it. Praise the Lord! Thank you and god bless each of you for making this an important cause to you. Sincerely in Christ Jeff Seaver

Keep up the Good Work

If you remember we set a goal to be at 500 by the end of Summer. We are almost there with only just over 150 members to go. Thank you and God bless!

Keeping Spreading the Word

Thank you to all who have been recruiting and joining this cause. There is nothing more important than for people to hear the message of God's wonderful through His son Jesus Christ. Let us keep pressing on and build bridges with those who need have not yet…Read More

A New Goal

Let's try and get 300 more recruits by the end of summer! I also wanted to let everyone know we are now able to accept online donations at our website @ www.hopeministires.name. Even if you cannot donate I encourage you to be a prayer partner. that is the…Read More


Within the next 2 weeks you will be able to go to our website and make a donation. All we ask is that you give your tithe and offerings to your local church first. However, if you cannot afford to give finacially we would love to have you as a prayer partner.…Read More

Each win one

If each of us could devote our time to someone who need Jesus one soul at a time imagine what would happen. The kingdom of God would multiply and the Angels of heaven would be rejoicing. Therefore will you continue to join us and invite others to the cause.…Read More
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