Celebrating My 53rd Birthday and will donate $530 if ....

Yes, that right. I'm celebrating my 53rd birthday on Monday, January 11th and have been raising money here on Facebook to support the Sharing Foundation as a birthday wish campaign: http://apps.facebook.com/causes/birthdays/248762 Right now, the Sharing…Read More

A meaningful holiday gift to honor those who make a difference in your life

Happy Holidays from The Sharing Foundation! We are incredibly grateful to so many of you who have already contributed to TSF as part of your year-end giving. Thank you for helping make life better for children in Cambodia!! If you have not yet donated and…Read More

Dr. Hendrie and Sharing Foundation in the Boston Globe

Yesterday's Boston Globe Featured this story about Sharing Foundation and its founder, Dr. Hendrie. http://www.boston.com/news/local/articles/2009/11/22/concord_doctors_foundation_helps_orphans_in_cambodia/?s_campaign=8315 Dr. Hendrie, on why she does this…Read More

Thank you for your support in America's Giving Challenge!

Thanks so much to each of you for your support of The Sharing Foundation in America's Giving Challenge. We now have 1,343 members in our cause, and we raised nearly $15,000 through the challenge! These resources will help us continue to provide medical,…Read More

Help TSF with final push: Giving Challenge ends Friday!

Thanks to generous support from you and other donors, TSF is able to help improve the lives of 1,500 Cambodian children every day. Please help us continue to broaden our network by posting the cause to your profile and inviting your friends to donate $10 by…Read More

3 days to go: TSF appreciates your continued suport in America's Giving Challenge!

Thanks for your continuing support! Please post the cause to your wall and invite your friends to donate. A small donation makes a big difference in our ability to support very needy children in Cambodia!

Thanks for your support of TSF in daily challenge!

We so appreciate all of your support in going for Thursday's daily challenge! We have 6 days to go...please post the cause to your wall, invite your friends to donate, and help us continue to generate critical resources for Cambodian children. Cambodia is…Read More
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