27 million people enslaved today

800,000 people trafficked across international borders every year. Source: U.S. Department of Stare, Trafficking Persons Report, 2007. 1 million children exploited by the global commercial sex trade, every year. Source: U.S. Department of State, The Facts…Read More

Angel investors needed to Rescue Children from Sex Trafficking

Currently seeking angel investors for federal fees to establish 501c3 tax exempt status, and for administrative costs to run the non-profit. Non-profit rescues children from human trafficking, by sending funds to over 14 organizations internationally that…Read More

Join, raise awareness, or donate to Rescue Children from Sex Trafficking (non-profit)

I've just updated my charity site to Rescue Children. I'd love for you to join, raise awareness, or/and donate. Updated stats and videos. See Emma Thomson's video. http://sextradebook.webs.com/what.htm

Non-Profit formed for Rescuing Children: Raising Proceeds for 501c3 tax-exempt status

I thank you for your support in joining the cause and spreading awareness in Rescuing Children from Human Trafficking. Updates: We have formed a non-profit in which to flow through donations to about 14 organizations around the globe that rescue…Read More

Forum, blog, videos and book sales in one new site!

Those of you who hold dear to your heard the children of this world, and are interested in rescuing them from human trafficking, I invite you to visit: www.SexTradeBook.webs.com

Freedom - Ending the Long Song of Oppression

The AP just reported there are 1000 girls and boys forced into the sex slaves per year in Ohio USA! 27 million in the world TODAY! That means 1 out of 250 around the world are slaves! Become aware of oppression, abuse, and decide not to be or tolerate the…Read More

Book sales go to rescue children involved in human trafficking

Proceeds of "Sex Trade. Part Memoir. Part Fantasy." book sales go to rescue children involved in human trafficking. Buy pre-release 1st edition book copies today: to be released 1st Quarter 2010. To see listing of some of the international organizations…Read More
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