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6 Days Left - ServLife Online, Virtual Auction. Vacation homes in Florida, Paintings, art work, HELP SPREAD THE WORD! http://www.servlife.org/wp/index.php/content/make-a-bid-servlife-online-auction-may-15-30/

Become a Fan! Spread the Love...

Hello Facebook Friends, We have had several pages on FB and are have just created a NEW fan page and moving all our pages there and have 185 fans thus far! Our goal is to hit 500 by the end of March. If you are getting this email you are a member on our…Read More

New ServLife FB page created: Spread the news!

We have a few PAGES out floating on Facebook and trying to move them all here. Join! Become a Fan! Help Spread the love! Go here http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/ServLife-International-Inc/339976345145?ref=mf

ServLlife Accepting Haiti Earthquake Relief Donations

We are accepting donations that will be used for direct aid for victims of this horrific catastrophe. Thousands have been impacted and the death toll is not known. On January 12, 2010, at 4:53 p.m. EST, the worst earthquake to hit Haiti in over 200 years,…Read More

2009 - December Year-End Goal: $50,000

https://atl.etapestry.com/fundraiser/ServLifeInternational/servlife/aboutEvent.do   You can 1. Give Online 2. Follow the progress 3. Create your own team, give it a name, set a goal to raise funds for this year-end goal (i.e. $500 or $1,000) Then ask your…Read More

Help us get 80 Audio Players of the New Testament for Church Planter / Local Workers

You can view me (joel vestal) explaining about these audiio players of the New Testament that can be powered by solar power, hand cranking, and electric outlet for up to 6-7 hours of playing http://www.youtube.com/user/servlife3#p/a/u/0/yjZaFFjRSvY In the…Read More

Appeal for Help for India Pastor - Church Planter Conference

Dear Friend, Our work in India began in 1997. We have seen God’s Spirit working in the lives of ServLife’s local leaders to demonstrate and proclaim the truth of the gospel in some very dark corners throughout India. We will be having our annual 5 day…Read More
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