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Don't forget to order your 'Don't Have to Be Straight to Shoot Straight' shirt this week. The more shirts we get, the more your donation goes to support our work. To find out more, click here:​?page_id=907

Long Overdue Update

Hey guys, It's been a long time since we've updated this cause. In case you haven't been watching too closely, Servicemembers United has since undergone a number of transformations to match the needs of our growing constituency. We have a long trajectory of…Read More

A DADT Repeal Plan for 2010

Alex Nicholson just posted a link to your cause, Servicemembers United - Official Facebook Cause ( Servicemembers United has released, and is now forcefully advocating for, a DADT repeal plan that would lock…Read More

SU Has Lead Op-Ed This Afternoon

Two articles you may be interested in: 1) Servicemembers United's Executive Director, Alex Nicholson, had the lead Op-Ed on earlier this afternoon in which he talked about the State of the Union, DADT, and a realistic strategy for…Read More "Don't Ask, Don't Tell -- Don't Call Home?"

As we celebrate this holiday season, let's remember those serving overseas under the cloud of DADT and the pains they go through just to try to survive.

Defense Dept Online Poll on DADT - VOTE NOW

 The Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute currently has a poll on its homepage about the impact of repealing DADT. We are currently losing, but the numbers are still small at this point and can easily be turned around. You can only vote once, so…Read More

American Medical Assn. Calls for Repeal of DADT

American Medical Association Calls for Repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Resolution Highlights Policy’s Negative Impact on Troop Healthcare 11/10/2009 WASHINGTON, DC – Servicemembers United, the nation’s largest organization of gay and lesbian troops and…Read More
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