Stuff a sea turtle's stocking with squid!

Hello, sea turtle supporters! Looking for a unique gift this holiday season? Give the gift of squid! STF's partner facility currently has 6 turtles who eat up to 1 kg of squid per day! You can help by adopting Peanut, Hector, Connie, Alexis, Niblet, or Quasi…Read More

Start of PNG Awareness Program

Hi everyone, today we start delivery of our Marine Turtle and Dugong Awareness Program in Papua New Guinea. We will visit communities, speak about conservation issues and listen to their stories. This is part a major program to protect turtles and dugongs in…Read More

Turlte nesting monitoring dates announced

Hi everyone and welcome to all our new members! We have just announced dates for turtle nesting at AIMS beach, Townsville, QLD, Australia. Follow the link for further info and register for the e-zine to receive booking…Read More

New to Sea Turtle Foundation

Hi everyone and welcome to all our new members! My name is Ashley and I am the new Social Media Coordinator & general volunteer for Sea Turtle Foundation. I am from the U.S. and am studying a double major of marine biology and environmental science at…Read More

We are 1002 strong!

Hi everyone, congratulations - we just broke through the 1000 member barrier! In the space of a few months you have joined over 1000 other people from all around the world who care for sea turtles and want to see them protected. All 7 species of sea turtles…Read More

Wavelength snorkel tours offers discount to our members!

Hi everyone, welcome to all our new cause members. Sea Turtle Foundation is working to reduce impacts to sea turtles through research, education and action. Our biggest project at the moment is a Marine Turtle and Dugong Awareness Program in Papua New…Read More

August newsletter

Hi everyone A warm welcome to all our new members! We are so close to 1000 members now I reckon we can easy make it by end of August. Can you help us by inviting your Facebook friends and maybe start a start a chain of people caring for sea turtles that…Read More
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