Back aboard

You haven't heard from me for a while because we were away on a family vacation in England for the past few weeks. The day before I left I sent out an announcement about our Cause hitting 250 members. Well, tonight we stand at 336 which means you guys did a…Read More

Today was a big day!

Today our Cause hit 250 members which according to Facebook makes us a "Crew" which seems entirely appropriate. That's a pretty good accomplishment in less than 2 weeks. Thank you all for caring enough to join, support and recruit others to the SEA…Read More

Thursday Thanks!

Our SEA Cause is one week old today and we are getting very close to the 200 member mark! I have personally thanked every one who I coerced, I mean invited, into the SEA Cause and I also wanted to thank all those who've been recruited through the great…Read More

One Hundred Strong!

Today we passed a significant waypoint: 100 members in just 4 days. It really isn't that surprising since SEA offers the most amazing "OverSeas" college and high school education programs on the planet and we all know that. As I see it, we currently have 2…Read More

Thanks for being one of the first 50!

"Action expresses priorities." - Mahatma Gandhi Thank you for stepping forward and being one of the first 50 to join the SEA Cause I set up on Thursday. Your actions are very important in getting the SEA mission in front of many more young high school and…Read More
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