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Hi all some may be aware that chatroom bullying cause has been changed to child safety and internet bullying this is to try and protect everybody online. All we ask now is that you invite members to the cause and may we also ask to give as little or as much…Read More

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Hi everybody i am pleased to annoce that the cause has 133 members and $0 donated, i am so greatful to them 133 members who have joined so thankyou, please can you also invite your friends you can invite 60 people a day thanks., please note that…Read More

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please invite all friends we need 172 people by 1st march 2 complete quests, and plz sign below plz sign we need 10000 people to sign to stop chat bullying 2 day ty

read and do plz plz sign we need 10000 people to sign to stop chat bullying 2 day

Challenge for members!

Got a little challange for our members, we currently have 86 members by next month 1st march 2009 can we double it which will be 172 members and raise our $100 goal ... wish all members luck plz plz invite all members

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I would like to say a big congrats to Tigerbear and Larholm the new lycos owners ... no the place wont be called lycos no more after 8 years but we are very happy to have to of the best admin as owners ... We wish the chat all the luck in the world for now…Read More

We want to know???

We want to know your storys, find descussion board at bottom of the cause group stop chat room bullying and share it ... While im here thankyou to the 63 current members who have joined, please please please keep inviting and even better if you could donate…Read More
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