Door-to-Door for More Nonprofits at the NTC!

We've tried everything we can think of to raise money to send 50 nonprofits to the NTC on scholarships. Annaliese, NTEN's Publications Director, decided it was time to take our fundraising efforts door-to-door and brought the NTEN:Change Journal with…Read More

Illegal Fundraising Ideas on World of Warcraft

Brendan, NTEN's Program Coordinator, generously offered to sell his World of Warcraft character to raise NTC scholarship funds. Sadly, that's illegal! We still need your help to get 50 nonprofits to the NTC on scholarships. Did you know that for each…Read More

NTEN Gets Tough With the Penguins to Raise NTC Scholarship Funds!

Sometimes, you just have to get tough. We haven't had much luck in our recent fundraising efforts, so NTEN's membership team turned to the penguins. And, well, the penguins don't have much money! Watch the video and donate to send 50 nonprofits to the NTC on…Read More

Help Send 50 Nonprofit Organizations to the 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference!

The Nonprofit Technology Conference is a unique resource for nonprofits of every size. To ensure that nonprofit voices of every size, and from every vertical in the sector are represented, we are raising $10,000 to send 50 nonprofits to this year's NTC in San…Read More

First Life Fundraising is Hard So NTEN Turned to Second Life!

Clarinet music, cookies, mining for bitcoin, and bowling did not raise enough funds to send 50 nonprofit to the 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference. Raising funds in this life is hard, so the NTEN team cheerfully turned to second life. Unfortunitly,…Read More

Even Holly's Clarinet Fails to Raise Scholarship Funds!

Raising $10,000 to send 50 nonprofit to the NTC is tough! When Holly decides to try playing her clarinet for donations, things don't work out quite as expected. Clearly, the NTEN staff can't raise $10,000 by ourselves, we need the help of our community.…Read More

When the Dude suggests a Bowl-A-Thon the NTEN team fails to strike it rich.

Without scholarship bake sale cookies, the NTEN staff began brainstorming ways to raise $10,000 to send 50 small nonprofits to the 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference. Brett suggested a Bowl-A-Thon and the NTEN team promptly strapped on their bowling shoes…Read More
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