WA government approves fracking despite overwhelming opposition in the Kimberley

Dear Friend of the Kimberley Thanks so much for your support for the Kimberley so far! There’s been a warm response to our post about the threat of fracking to the Kimberley recently. Thanks to people like Leigh who gave us $500, Paul $200, Sandy $50 and…Read More

Kimberley fracking imminent - support needed

Living in the Kimberley we often take it for granted that our air and water is sacrosanct and protected from pollution. I know you’ll find it hard to believe, but nothing could be further from the truth. Not only is inland groundwater, which is often…Read More

Stop fracking the Kimberley! Please sign the petition at the link below.

Tell WA's Environment Minister to protect the Kimberley Right now oil and gas company Buru Energy is preparing to frack for gas in the Kimberley Canning Basin — a project that is going ahead without an environmental assessment from the WA Environmental…Read More

Shale Gas Fracking across the Kimberley?

Did you see the ABC’s 730 Report this week about plans for fracking in the Kimberley? If you missed it, have a look on the ABC website for the video. What we are facing is an all-out offensive by giant multi-national corporations Mitsubishi, ConocoPhillips…Read More

Fundraiser to protect the Kimberley

Join the Environs Kimberley Christmas raffle Gamble on a good cause and buy a ticket that could win you a first prize of $5,000, 2nd price of $3000 and a third price of $2000. Only 200 tickets on sale for $100 each! Far better odds than Lotto. Get your…Read More

Zero Carbon Project comes to the Kimberley

Monday, 30 April 2012 19:00 Lotteries House Broome 100% renewable energy for the price of two coffees per week The Zero Carbon Australia Project is coming to the Kimberley! There will be a presentation about the Project in Broome on April 30 — an event not…Read More

Help us get the 'No Gas on the Kimberley Coast' message out

We're trying to spread the message far and wide across the country. If you can contribute to our campaign for things like these bumper stickers you can make a tax deductible donation at the link below. It is a bit of a pain plugging your details in but you…Read More
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