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Angela Mushore Get a black aging face on here and I will support it as with many others *She was the only black oldie I met in a home,found that we "whities" are bad at caring for - unlike most black families, who care for their elderly. *principles on this…Read More

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Its really the ONLY cause in Africa worth supporting

Hannes Bothas' work

Di Thornton just posted a photo to your cause, Save Zimbabwe's Old Age Pensioners (http://apps.facebook.com/causes/23444?m=aec3f2b9): Please look on the cause to see more about tis Thanks, Di Thornton Iim Old Folk being helped by Hannes…Read More

Extreme 5 Challenge

Hi Everyone - you may have heard from this cause or elsewhere about the Extreme 5 Challenge. The objective of this challenge is to raise £100,000 for Homes in Zimbabwe a UK registered charity which is helping to feed Zimbabwe's pensioners. Myself, Graeme…Read More

Extreme 5 Challenge

Hi Everyone, The Extreme 5 Challenge kicked off in the UK on Saturday with the marathon being the first of the 4 physical elements. For those of you who may not have heard about it three Zimbo friends living in the UK are running a marathon, cycling from…Read More


Kimmie Devlin is organising hair styling and cutting for OAPS in Zimbabwe twice a week. If you know of anyone in Zimbabwe who may benefit from this free service, please contact Kim on the addresses below : Our email address is [email protected], and…Read More

Feedback & Request

Thanks to everyone who emailed me about the OAPS. The main question Im asked is HOW CAN WE HELP ? People are also rightfully concerned that their donation gets to the right people. Please check the home page of this cause to get the link to justgiving.com.…Read More
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