Tumwater School Board to Hear Report on Future of CISPUS

Disappearing Task Force report regarding Cispus. 5/12 7pm. District Office. Summary: Cispus is cut from budget. No parents came forward to continue the fundraising to keep Cispus. School Board asked for viable alternatives (no fundraising) Task force ID…Read More

CISPUS 2011 Re-Cap and Next Steps

Hello Cispus Supporters, Thank you all for a successful year of fundraising to make the Cispus trip happen this year. We hope all your kids came home excited, with great stories and ready to make the transition into middle school. We had a fabulous, if…Read More

CISPUS Has Been Saved for 2011 - THANK YOU !!!!

Congrats and Thank you to all our CISPUS Supporters. Informally I believe we had over 100 volunteers, over 20 events and 25 business donors this year. Last night we turned over our fundraising check to the Tumwater School Board, completing our task of Saving…Read More

Save CISPUS Pancake Breakfast Dec 19 8a-10a

Our last Save CISPUS fundraiser for 2010 will be a Pancake Breakfast at Westside Applebee's in Olympia this coming Sunday Dec 19 at 8am. This event is sponsored by the parents of Peter G Schmidt and East Oly Elementary schools and is open to anyone in the…Read More

Tumwater School Board Survey on Permanently Re-Defining CISPUS

The Tumwater School Board is evaluating permanently changing the CISPUS Program for 2012 (current 5th graders) and beyond through a Outdoor Education Task Force called the Disappearing Task Force (DTF). The DTF provides recommendations and will run December…Read More

Red Robin Fundraiser Wed Nov 10, 2010

Red Robin Fundraiser. On Wed Nov 10 from 11a-10p, the Olympia Red Robin will dontate 10% of all proceeds to Save CISPUS for Tumwater Kids. Bring the family out and enjoy a night with other CISPUS supporters. You will need to bring a flyer that you can print…Read More

Tumwater School District Task Force to Redefine Outdoor Education Curriculum

For the past two years, parents have had to raise significant amounts of money to support the annual 6th grade trip to CISPUS. The School District is starting a task force to redefine this program for the 2012 school year. The District is seeking nad…Read More
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