good news!!!

Good news! There are now 1706 tigers in India today!! 295 more than the last count in 2006,says the latest tiger census released on Monday. The census was released at the March 28-30 International Tiger Conference hosted by Environment and Forests Minister…Read More

save them

When we talk about nature ,environment,wildlife ... The word "SAVE" has become a prefix in our lives ..we have brought ourselves to this misery on Mother Earth !! Is it too late ? is it necessary ? If we can educate ourselves with these simple rules of…Read More

Ramesh promises rigid monitoring of tigers at all reserves

New Delhi, Apr 15 (ANI): Union Environment and Forests Minister Jairam Ramesh has said a scientific system to monitor tigers will soon to be implemented in all reserves across India with the aim of countering the poaching of the big cats. Addressing a press…Read More

Two tiger cubs found dead in Ranthambore

Dear Group Members, Two tiger cubs found dead in Ranthambore.Here are the details Please spread this message as much as you can by using share feature under this news covered in India…Read More

just 1411 left..............

There are very few people who understand the true importance of protecting the tiger. Most people feel it is only a matter of saving an animal that makes a beautiful sight to see. This reason only makes up a fraction of why we need to save this incredible…Read More
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