500 mile Man in Chains Music Video Released!

Horray, after numerous attempts we are thrilled to release the man in chains music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvaT4KpA-ew Enjoy! Eric

Uk Adventures with Run 4 the Rescue

Dear Friends, Since returning from New York our lives have been primarily focused on the precious baby in our home. She has continued the episodes of not breathing 4 times since coming home. We have met with countless doctors and she has undergone a myriad…Read More

3 charged with trafficking in Edmonton Canada

Canada sure is behind the times when it comes to charging and sentencing for human trafficking crimes. We need a few million more cases like this uncovered and…Read More

YES! Slavery is the next huge public cause!

Just wanted you guys to see who else is on board with ending slavery...finally! Who else can you find to get passionate about this? http://www.oprah.com/media/20090119_orig_demiashton2


Dear Friends: Here's some news that I'm sure will get your blood pressure up -- I know mine is. There is a T-shirt available for purchase on The Onion website featuring the slogan, "My Friend Went to Thailand and All I Got Was This Lousy Prostitute." However,…Read More

Success on the Run is entirely yours!

Dear Friends, We are so grateful for all of your amazing sacrifices and contributions which made the first half of the Run 4 The Rescue possible and successful. With the combined media attention from TV, radio, magazine, and newspaper, signs, public and…Read More

250 miles in chains complete!! Hooray!

These last two days have been so exciting. These were days and experiences where I felt the power of teamwork expand the work and make it so much more than any one person could do. Friday night I tried to go to Linden, NJ so I could run from there to New…Read More
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