Update Nov 3rd 2010 from Steven Thompson

Taiji Update Thursday Nov 4, 2010 14:20 JST: We have 18 hours SSCS Scott West reports that A large pod is now trapped in the Cove. Slaughter is typically scheduled at dawn the next day. This would be about 18 hours from now. On the phone with Michael Bailey…Read More


This is the Call To Action Email…. Japan Embassy and Consulates around the U.S. http://japan.visahq.com/embassy/United-States/ TAIJI TOWN OFFICE Phone : +81 0735-59-2335 Fax. :+81 0735-59-2801 FAX THIS 太地、日本ではイルカを保存してください。赤ちゃんや妊娠中の女性を保存してください (please save…Read More

Dolphins trapped in the Cove

Fox News recently reported on how a dolphin learned how to water walk with out a cruel trainer... lets call fox news and report a pending slaughter of these same dolphins 1-888-369-4762. Dolphins are trapped in the cove CALL any media outlet that will listen.…Read More

I wish I could be there with them!

Sea Sheperd off to their next journey!

T-Shirt Idea

Hello Every, Recently Alaina had posted a sign i had made and we received allot of response and would like to know everyone’s opinion, if you like the shirt great, if you have ideas even better... this is the man’s general style shirt, women’s shirt will be…Read More

The petition to release the dolphins in captivity in Egypt

Please sign this petition, these dolphins are in a pool no larger than the one in my backyard!

Scott West is safe

Via Captain Paul Watson: Scott West was taken to the police station.He refused to answer any questions and kept repeating that he demanded to speak to the U.S. Consulate.They then said he was not under arrest.Scott stood up put his things in his pocket and…Read More
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