Join Save The Philanthropist Facebook Fan Page!

If you want to be counted and stay up to date on the latest info regarding The Philanthropist, we strongly suggest you join the fan page: It is important for us to bring both groups together so we can show NBC…Read More

Haiti Relief T-Shirts from Save The Philanthropist

Support The Restavek Foundation's relief effort in Haiti with new t-shirts created by Save The Philanthropist. Profits will be donated to The Restavek Foundation. You can order from either the fan page…Read More


Hi Folks, I really need everyone's help with this. I have serious writer's block and I need this to be perfect so I need everyone to read this over and give their two cents. Please be brutal:…Read More

Haiti Relief: Raising Money for The Restavek Foundation

Save The Philanthropist has started a campaign to raise money for The Restavek Foundation, an organization dedicated to saving young children from child slavery in Haiti. These children will be hit very hard by the earthquake since they are already separated…Read More

Feature Petition - Save Darfur: No legitimacy for war criminals

Our cause is featured on Save Darfur's petition to urge President Obama, the United States and the world not to recognize the results of the illegitimate electoral process in Sudan. Here is the email Save Darfur sent out earlier today (1/14/2010): "Imagine…Read More

New Website, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Account

Hey Phans, We now have a new website, Facebook Fan Page, and Twitter Account. We would love it if all of you would sign up on each (the website does not require sign up but check it out and interact with comments on stories and such). Here are the…Read More

New Facebook Fan Page

Hi Philanthropist Phans! We're expanding! Our website is about to launch and our Facebook Fan Page is live. The link is listed below. Please check it out and become a fan. It will make it much easier for us to stay in contact with…Read More
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