Haven't heard from you all in a while!

Hey All, Hadn't heard from you all in a while (and I know you haven't heard from me) this has been because I've been swamped! Here's an update from the College Zone website about the MAP for the 2010-2011 schoolyear. It looks as if those who filed their FAFSA…Read More

10,000 expected to attend the rally!

Note From Johnathan ************************* Hi All, I want to give everyone an update on three items: MAP rally projected to host over ten thousand people on the 21st Students will have the option to either go to the rally on April 21st (The time period…Read More

Important Rally Info!

Hey All, in case you didn't realize, our map grant for next year is not set in stone! There's going to be a rally April 21st in Springfield! We NEED your support. Here is the link to the facebook evite…Read More

Message from Johnathan

Just got this text "We will begin to organize for another MAP rally and to step up efforts once again. I (will be) woking through IBHE SAC as a base." WE must keep the MAP in mind & listen up for info/notices from IBHE SAC to ensure that the MAP is…Read More

Press Release Just In! Check it out!

ISAC TO ILLINOIS STUDENTS: WE’RE HERE FOR YOU As other financial institutions leave student lending, ISAC remains to serve Illinois students, schools CHICAGO—The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) announced it still has $66 million available to…Read More

Message from Johnathan, ISAC student commissioner

Hi All, First and foremost, congratulations on a job well done on October 15th! All of your efforts contributed to an effective change in public policy! I often brag about you all collegiate officials I am in contact with! All of you deserve the credit for…Read More

Message from Saveillinoismapgrants.org

In case you all didn't yet see this... ****************** Thank You and Congratulations! All of us in higher education in the state of Illinois have reason to celebrate. On Sunday, October 18, Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation committing to restore $205…Read More
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