Saving the egg documentary

Dear eggthusiasts! This is a great documentary by a fellow eggthusiast, Aimee Merheb. It's amazing to see how everyone is getting involved and using his/her skills in favor of the cause! I know it's been quiet for a while. I've had some personal…Read More

Internview in Iloubnan check it out. Sorry for the past quiet in the save the egg world. i've been having some personal problems and haven't been able to put all my time and concentration on the egg. hopefully…Read More

Egg video Check this out: it is a very nice video of the egg on june 21st by artist Jo Baaklini

Go to the egg tonight

Hello eggthusiasts, I have been somewhat absent these past couple of weeks. Saving the egg is kind of a full time job and has to be juggled with AUB finals and other jobs. But don't worry, I haven't forgotten about it. Tonight the egg is open for everyone…Read More

Save the egg in El Mundo Spanish Newspaper (in Spanish)

Guys, Save the egg is already starting to get international attention! Here is an article written by Monica Prieto about Save the egg. Unfortunately, it's in spanish, if anyone can translate it, please post a link. Thank you :) Stay…Read More

Bernard Khoury joined the cause

We had a meeting with Bernard Khoury on Thursday April 16th. He was extremely helpful, information wise, and supports the cause. We have another follow up meeting in two weeks, when he comes back because he's going out of town, where we will be discussing a…Read More

Indyact's support of Save the egg

I have recently joined the team of Indyact, the NGO constituted of a league of independent activists. They seek independent activists with a cause and support and encourage them and give them a team to work on this cause.
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