The Arts Under Attack Panel Discussion

This weekend's Hot Press Music Show which takes place at the RDS in Dublin will host a panel discussion called "The Arts Under Attack" From the website: Sun Oct. 4th - 12pm THE ARTS UNDER ATTACK: A RESPONSE An Bord Snip has recommended…Read More

Facebook arts workers constituency groups set up - meeting are being organised

Hi all, Theatre Forum Ireland have published a network of Facebook groups representing different constituencies around the country. These groups are organising to meet with their respective councillors with the hope to lobby TDs on the proposed cuts to the…Read More

Bord Snip Decisions Imminent

Hey everyone, first of all, thank you so much for showing your support for the Irish Film Board and joining our cause to save it from Bord Snip. Those of us working on this cause have just received the alarming news that the Snip decisions are being made…Read More
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