What is sexual abuse and incest

Child sexual abuse is any sexual act performed with a child by an adult or older child, with or without force or the threat of force. Child sexual abuse is most commonly committed by someone known to the child, including family members. In this case, the act…Read More

I want to hear from you

What actions do you think we could take to put more sexual preditors behind bars for longer. I need some supporters and Ideas. Thank you, Misty McKeever

Please read

I want to inform everyone that I have contacted the states attorney to press charges against the man who sexually abused me in my childhood. I want you to know that because it happend last when I was 16 and I am now 29 they will do nothing to him. I know it…Read More

Thank you all

Thanks to all of you this cause has reached 643 members....WOW! What a success. Lets keep it going! Bringing awareness about this cause can educate people on how to prevent, stop and help people to know where to go and what to do if this happens to young…Read More

Thank you

I want to thank all of you for joining my cause. Please feel free to share your story if you feel comfortable with it. Post anything you feel that may help to educate and prevent this vial act upon our children. I know times are hard but if you can donate.…Read More

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