Fight for Teacher Center funding! ( It's not enough for lawmakers to just rhetorically support educators. We need them to provide the tools and resources teachers need to do our…Read More

Send Faxes to Your Legislators!

A new Fax/Letter supporting funding for Teacher Centers is on the NYSUT Member Action Center page. Ask family and friends to complete the online form to send a fax (no fax machine needed!) to their Legislators multiple times as the Legislators track the…Read More

Sign On Letter in the Assembly supporting Teacher Centers

Call your Democratic Assembly members and ask them to sign Assembly member Ellen Jaffe's letter supporting funding for Teacher Centers in the 2012-2013 NYS Budget. Teachers need more professional development resources in this time of education reform, not…Read More

Support teachers and schools

Teachers need support now more than ever.

THANK YOU!!!! Teacher Centers are in the Budget!!

Thank you to all Teacher Center supporters who called, faxed, emailed, and sent post cards to our elected officials to tell of the need and their support for Teacher Centers available to all NYS teachers!! We are included in the state budget for 2011-2012 at…Read More

Send those faxes!

Easy way to get supporters involved! Go to the link at the NYSUT website and send a fax from your computer. Budget is not finalized yet, so every voice needs to be heard on Teacher Centers!

'11-'12 Budget Not Done Yet!!

The Education portion of the NYS Budget has not yet been finalized in Albany. Still time to CALL your Legislators to say that you support funding the NYS Teacher Center Program. Call your Senator and the Governor via the NYS AFL-CIO action line…Read More
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