The Progression

This cause started as a very small, simply concept that has grown into something far more substantial and wonderful thanks to the support of everyone here on Facebook (and beyond)! We are now a full-fledged nonprofit organization (awaiting 501(c)3 status) in…Read More

Independent Music United

John Michael Storey just posted a link to your cause, Support Independent Musicians ( Hey Everyone, Below is a link to the Independent Music United (IMU) Facebook page. IMU is the parent nonprofit this…Read More

Music Nonprofit Survey Help!

Hey Everyone, We've been making giant leaps with this project and are in the process of filing for nonprofit status. To actively prove the value of this organization though, we need your immediate help! We need all of you to visit…Read More

Help Better than the Van Help Touring Artists

please vote to help our friends @bettrthanthevan get their amazing panel past for @sxsw: They are really trying to help indie touring artists stay alive and safe on the road. Your immediate help is really appreciated. Voting ends today at…Read More

Getting Prepared to Launch

Hey Everyone! Sorry it's been kind of quiet online these past couple weeks, but it's all for good reason. We are gearing up to release a couple of our other online extensions (Ning, Twitter, etc) and we just want to make sure it's all in order before we…Read More

A List of Items We Could Use

Below are just some examples of items that we would like to start collecting regularly to help those independent touring musicians who are struggling to make ends meet. We are open to suggestions, always, and this list will grow on a regular basis because of…Read More

Being that Facebook Requires 501(c)(3)

Some of you may or may not be aware of the fact that Facebook requires a 501(c)(3) status to be able to accept donations on your own causes behalf. If you don't have that status they urge you to contribute all your donations to another charity that does (from…Read More
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