Neville 'Chappy' Williams speaking on Mining & Sovereignty, Tuesday 8 Sept @ 6pm, Dendy Cinema, Sydney

Hi all, Myself and Neville Williams (Uncle Chappy, Traditional Owner, Mooka/Kalara United families within the Wiradjuri Nation, Lake Cowal) have been invited to speak at the Sydney Latin American Film Festival as part of a panel on Mining & Sovereignty…Read More

Wiradjuri Traditional Owner, Neville Chappy Williams, has further delayed the expansion of Barrick Australia’s Lake Cowal gold mine

Congrats Uncle Chappy! ** Traditional Owner further delays Lake Cowal gold mine expansion ** Media Release 1 July 2009 In the NSW Supreme Court of Appeal today, Wiradjuri Traditional Owner, Neville Chappy Williams, has further…Read More

Invitation to Lake Cowal evening 6:30pm Fri 12 June 2009 Lyneham, Canberra ACT

Dear All We would like to invite you to an information and fund raising evening on the behalf of the Lake Cowal campaign, which is in opposition to a cyanide leaching gold mine in the heart of the Murray Darling Basin. The Front cafe 6:30pm Friday 12 June…Read More

Save Lake Cowal: the sacred heartland of the Wiradjuri Nation

Every major gold rush has meant death and devastation for local people at the hands of fortune-seekers. It is now estimated that 50% of gold produced in the next 20 years will come from Indigenous Peoples lands. The fight to save Lake Cowal from the hands of…Read More

Save Lake Cowal Gathering this easter weekend

Save Lake Cowal Gathering this easter weekend Come and support Wiradjuri Traditional Owners of Lake Cowal against the mining giant Barrick Gold

Only 11 more sleeps until the Lake Cowal Gathering!

The SaveLakeCowal campaign needs your support in 2009! Come to the Lake Cowal Gathering 10-13 April, easter weekend and stand with Wiradjuri traditional Owners in their fight against the worlds largest gold miner, Barrick Gold Corporation. For more…Read More

VICTORY! Norwegian Pension Fund divests from Barrick Gold

Special thanks to Jethro Tulin (Akali Tange Association, PNG), Catherine Coumans (MiningWatch Canada), Evans Rubara (Norwegian Church Aid Tanzania), Techa Beaumont (Mineral Policy Institute, Australia) and many others who have put work into lobbying the…Read More
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