Kendra Is Safe

Thank You every one for your support, Kendra is finaly safe from her abusive father. He has agreed in court not to see Kendra any more. "Again Thank You All" from the bottom of our hearts. The Jean-Louis Family xoxoxoxo

Support Payments

Kendra's Abusive father went to court to have his support payments lowerd ...... Instead his support payments went up $50. per month.

A Birthday Wish

July 28th, Happy Birthday to Kendra's Mom Melanie. The loving Mother who has fought so hard to keep Kendra safe, and is still fighting as hard as she can. Don't ever give up, most of all Kendra needs you.

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the good fathers who love and respect thier children. May you all have a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday Kendra

Saturday June 13th, Kendra will be 4 years old, and she is still happy, safe, and healthy. Happy Birthday Kendra please ask invite your friends to join, Kendra needs moral support

After Many, Many, Many Attemps

Andrea Horwath, Leader of the Ontario NDP, has never acknowleged the cause for Kendra, and has gone as far as to remove herself from my friends list, this is not a good political move. I have asked all my family and friends, and I am asking all of Kendra's…Read More

From Melanie

Melanie Jean-Louis, Kendras Mom, has received the Children's Lawyer report and recommendations.......I'm feeling good about the turn this is taking and convinced Kendra will remain safe
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