PUBLIC MEETING regarding status of Ft. Monmouth Redevelopment NJ Senate Bill S-917

Good morning/afternoon/evening all. Thanks to hard efforts of Councilman Joseph Irace (R-Oceanport), there is a public meeting scheduled for next Friday, March 19th, 7-9pm at the Shore Regional High School in NJ. Please copy and paste the following url to…Read More

Thank you for fighting the good fight!

To all, I hope you have had a safe and peaceful (and fun!) summer. As you know, the Fort is slated to close, but that doesn't mean we still can't stop it from happening. Please continue to invite your friends and family to join our cause and Save Ft.…Read More

Save Ft. Monmouth, NJ!!!! is growing stronger!

Hey gang, congratulations, we've grown to over 1,000 strong and we're still gaining strength. This fight is not over, don't give up! I've found another way we can expand on our strength in numbers with an easier link that you can send to your family and…Read More

WE need to be heard LOUD and CLEAR!

Councilman Joseph Irace of Oceanport, NJ. is helping our cause to save Ft. Monmouth. Please help by contacting any and all Congressmen so they understand the importance of slow-move to Maryland... We need to stop being a silent majority and have our voices…Read More


I want to sincerely thank everybody who has joined the cause to fight and Save Ft. Monmouth!!!! We still have a chance to keep the Ft. open! We need to keep spreading the word. I ask that you each continue to invite 20+ friends and family so this cause may…Read More

Save Ft. Monmouth

Wow! Thank you for joining my cause. When I created this cause back in '07, nobody joined it! I just checked it and in the past couple of days it has jumped to 25 members! I am just an average Monmouth County citizen who doesn't like the idea of Ft. Monmouth…Read More
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