They still need help!

Keep it going

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has been doing their part to save the Fort. We have had some recent donations and fundraising going on which is awesome! It's been quiet on here lately and I just want to keep things going in a forward direction. Who…Read More


Please come by and share your stories if you have them. I posted a new story today. Lets let people know what we are fighting for!!! Let them see why the doors need to stay open!

Meet Up coming soon!

There is a meet up that has formed and there is a meeting planned for Feb. If you are really serious in wanting to help with this cause you can attend. Stay tuned for more information.


Known as the “Fort that saved America”, Fort Mifflin has a history that dates back to the 1770’s. In the fall of 1777 George Washington’s Colonial army was defeated at Brandywine by British forces led by General William Howe. Howe’s 20,000 troops moved in and…Read More
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