Double your donations to save the oldest rainforest in the world!

Borneo’s orangutans and pygmy elephants are losing their rainforests at an alarming rate but strongholds remain and must be protected through land purchase. From October 2 to 16, 2013, all donations up to $750,000 will be matched by donor pledges at World…Read More

What will you do for Earth Day?

Take 3 Seconds to Plant 3 Trees Today. Trees donated by Dell. #EarthDay

Rare jungle cat filmed for only the second time!

A biologist on vacation in Malaysian Borneo caught one of the world's rarest cats on video for only the second time, reports the BBC. Jyrki Hokkanen, a Finnish biologist, in August filmed a wild Sunda clouded leopard (Neofelis diardi) in Danum Valley, an…Read More

Girl Scout Cookies Kill Orangutans!

Don't believe me, ask two Girl Scouts and watch their moving video: We can make a big difference today by reaching their petition goal of 75,000 signatures which will stop the Girl Scout…Read More

How Can Cell Phones Save The Rainforest?

How many cell phones were thrown away last year? Take the one question quiz at ( and $2 goes to - up to $60k! 15,656 PEOPLE & I TOOK THE QUIZ SO FAR. OVER HALF WAY THERE!!! Please vote:…Read More

Thank you. You were amazing last week!

Last week during our monthly email update on Saving The Oldest Rainforest In The World, we asked you to help a fellow cause send girls to school in Africa. With your tremendous outpour, over 25,000 of you joined their active matching grant and in doing so…Read More

Victory for Trees and Sending Girls Back To School

Hi Treehuggers! Exciting month in saving the rainforests and our earth’s biodiversity. Oh, and decreasing our carbon footprint by educating girls…how? read on… WIN! Burger King announced it would no longer source palm oil from Sinar Mas, an Indonesian…Read More
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