Gillard sells out Australian birth

In the days before the election, this is a very timely and appropriate account of the campaign to date.........enjoy. Thank you all for your on going support

Website updates for Save Birth Choices

With the election campaign in full swing and Doctors being given the power to decide who can and who can not have access to private midwifery care for home or hospital and medicare for midwives, we will be updating Save Birth Choice website with the news and…Read More

Election and Birth Choices

Good afternoon, We are entering a very important time with the federal election and birth choices. Some of you may not be aware that the federal government has now (July) passed legislation that means any women who employs a midwife (which is the new…Read More

Corangamite Electorate - REMINDER Sally-Anne Brown's campaign launch today

Reminder for those in the Corangamite electorate that Sally-Anne Brown's launch is 10.30 TODAY (Fri July 30) in Geelong near Kardinia Park on La Trobe Terrace. If you can get there to support Sally please do otherwise please see yesterday's bulletin about…Read More

Medicare for midwives medical veto rights now law

Good evening, On the 16th July the Governor General signed into law the Determination being the long awaited ruling around the "collaborative arrangements" women and midwives have been campaigning about for many months. This was done quietly without…Read More

Collaboration hits the media

Dear all, The news is now coming out about the required collaboration between Drs and Midwives and how this is affecting homebirthing women. It has already begun that homebirthing women are being refused tests and prescriptions by GP's. Please check out…Read More

Collaboration requirments

Good morning, If you aren't up to speed, here is the start of the fallout of 'collaboration': Homebirth will be in the media for a few weeks as the…Read More
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