dear friend congratulation we reach our member to almost 1500 today, we are hoping this cause will reach 2000 more of us netter who live in n outside of Bali by the end of this month,please recruit more to spread this consciousness further. we all understand…Read More

Enviornmental issues in Bali (from the Jakarta Post)

Bali seems like a dream when you first arrive, green and beautiful, with the burning sun, and equatorial showers, making it a natural paradise. Then comes man, and all he brings. Bali is still mostly green, but in areas where people live, those parts are…Read More

Save the island of Bali

Environemental degradation in Bali because of overdevelopment is evident. We need clear and effective actions to save Bali and to make it liveable for the next generation. Please send this message to all your friends... regards Ketut
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