We love our babies!

"Astonishing Footage of Twin Babies Who Don't Realize They've Been Born Yet! Must See!" (see the clip attached) This is what goes on inside mommy. This will blow you away. Do whatever you can to stop abortions from taking place. We know there are terrible…Read More

New Baby!

This is a quick note to thank God for brave people. I recently spoke to a Mom that found out her teenage daughter was 8 months pregnant and has been hiding it from them all that time. With only about 3 weeks to spare, they did the proper check ups and had…Read More

"Ban almost all abortions after 20 weeks" (Progress)

..this bill is called "Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act"! It is a fact and this should be taken seriously! Fetuses can feel pain after five months, justifying a ban on later abortions. This makes me angry: "A federal court in May overturned a…Read More

See/Watch babies being lost right now.. (link)

See the countdown on this page of babies being lost right now...if "each person has a right" (Human Rights), who will speak for these little ones? http://www.worldometers.info/abortions Invite people today pls. and make this cause voice…Read More

You joined this cause for a reason?

See our updated "About" section?! We're very excited about this! See our Focus: "SPEAK - RAISE - HELP - PROOF" ♦ Pls. click on "invite" and 'like" today? Help us reach 10 000?! ♦ You joined this cause for a reason? Pls. go to the page and leave a comment…Read More

See this image!

Thank you for your support with this cause! Pls. see this amazing image: http://alturl.com/jyjp4 ♦ Pls. click on "like" and "share" and invite people to OUR cause? THE BIGGER THE FOLLOWING, THE LOUDER THE VOICE! Thank you

Family Policy Institute

♦ Pls. support this great work? Family Policy Institute exists to encourage, motivate & equip the Body of Christ to actively fulfill its Biblical mandat e of being 'Salt & Light' in society. Family Policy Institute believes marriage and the family…Read More
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