A global sympathy card to the community of Newtown, CT

Our Sincere Condolences.

We wish to express our deepest sympathies to all of the families of those lost, to the survivors and their families, and to the others impacted by the senseless and unthinkable tragedy that unfolded at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We cannot begin to comprehend the depth of your sadness and grief. Please know that we care deeply for you and we join with you in sharing your sorrow and pain. We only hope that you receive some measure of comfort in the knowledge that we, and an entire nation, stand with you during this extraordinarily difficult time.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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“My love and sympathy to all who have been touched by this tragedy...all of us. The nation grieves with you.”
— Ellen McKenzie University of Idaho
“My heart breaks for all the family members! My thoughts & prayers are with you all. I pray God will put his loving arms around you all during this time of sorrow...”
— Donna Hoose Louisa, Kentucky
“Always keep those close to you, hug your babies all the time, tell all your loved ones, how much you love them, every day!”
— Margie Pelletier
“Prayers for your children are being said all over the world. May the kindness of others and God's grace help you in this most painful time.”
— Ellen VanWinkle
“Que Dios Nuestro Senor les de la paz y fortaleza a los padres de estos niños inocentes. Amén.”
— Victor Cano Kenny's Tile & Flooring, Inc.
“My sincere thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that has been affected by this senseless act.”
— Christina Eckstein Somers Lone Star College Montgomery Tx
“It is unimaginable what the families of these children are enduring. I literally cried when I saw the first reports.”
— Clyde Gfabriel Southern University
“My deepest sympathies, my thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims' families, the children, the teachers, the state police who were called to the scene, all who were involved in this horrific tragedy.”
— Melissa Michaud Dawson Seismic Services
“...I can only hope these condolences can give some strength to you and let you know that not only our great nation but the world is behind you and with love...”
— Leslie East Williams Whitsett, North Carolina
“The Peters family from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, would like to send their prayers to all the families and friends.”
— Tammy Peters Winnipeg, Manitoba
“I pray for all the students, teachers, first responders and the people of Newtown.”
— Lori Lewis
“My heart breaks for all the families and the community. There are no words that come to mind to ease the pain. I am so sorry for your loss and I will be observing the Moment of Silence on Friday Dec 21 2012 @ 9:30am our time.”
— Stacey Cameron Terrace, British Columbia
“May you be comforted by all the love and support that surrounds you. May our country learn from this and do everything possible to provide stately for our children and for all people.”
— Bonnie Hirschhorn Bonnie Hirschhorn LCSW, LP, NCPsyA, LCAT, ATR-BC
“May God strengthen you today and forever during what would be the most difficult time of your lives. Blessings from Sydney, Australia.”
— Tracy James-Steyn Sydney, Australia
“I've been praying everyday for the children & teachers that were taken from this world, the parents & friends that have been left behind, the people working to make sense of any of it...”
— Amanda Lynch
“...I pray so hard because nothing will make sense of all of this, know that your little angels are ever so close to you to help hold you and love you in the worst of days.”
— Anne Hemauer New Holstein High
“I know this may not be very comforting at this time but just know that they will be met by God's greatest new Angel, my wife Vicky.”
— Rick Mcalpine Seneca Valley High School, Harmony, PA
“These are 20 beautiful angels and 6 beautiful women we all looked up to everyday.”
— Hector Aponte Syracuse, New York
“When the heart is broken nothing can mend it but in time you will see you can go on living for those who depend on you.”
— Gail S. Carrado
“As a mother of two and a wife of a teacher I can not imagine how the family and friends of those sweet children and the brave adults that tried everything to keep them safe would feel if I had to go through this.”
— Nikki Morrison
“I am a teacher of infants/kindergarteners and also mom of three. I cannot imagine my world without my children. In Jamaica our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of those loved ones gone too soon...”
— Cynthia Witter-Williams University of the West Indies Open Campus
“I have felt physically sick since last Friday... But I see the entire world responding, and I have hope. Hope for change.”
— Vonnie Whitworth Floyd Kellam High
“Sending my thoughts and prayers to all. Let's take action moving forward.”
— Meghan M. Biro
“To all victims' families: my heart hurts for you, for the loss of your sweet little children. Also the adults taken too soon, they acted heroically and saved many innocent children from also being taken.”
— Lindsey Allen Romeo, Michigan
“My heart goes out to these parents family and friends, no one can ever imagine a parents pain of losing a child and it never goes away.”
— Tina Commodore Pitts Everest College
“As everyone else I have a lot of tears and my heart and prayers go out to all the families, rescue workers and clergy. No words can be said to lift the heavy weight that has been bestowed upon you.”
— Dottie Kamm Mahaffey
“We know from personal experience that it is comforting to have others share our sorrow...even strangers we will never meet. There is a "kinship" among those who have lost loved ones to violence and who have lost young children. We have endured both.”
— Darlene Hylton
“Words cannot express the sadness that people feel for everyone involved. The teachers and children who left this world, were good and loving... I know because my husband passed away this past June and I miss him so. I can't imagine what you are going through. You will, forever, be in my thoughts.”
— Marlene Shapiro The University of Alabama
“I am sending my deepest sympathy and prayers to the families that are dealing with this terrible tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with each one of you..”
— Gina Witte-small Hamilton Township High School, Columbus, Ohio
“As a school teacher myself, this absolutely breaks my heart...Also praying for all the students and faculty of Sandy Hook Elementary, the police and first responders who witnessed such a horrific scene, and the whole town of Newtown, Connecticut...”
— Tina Davis Ware Southaven High School (1981-present)
“There are no words, I can't even imagine the heartache and sadness the families friends and community must be feeling after this horrific and senseless act.”
— Tara Byrne Quinn St Marks Community School
“Breaks my heart, being a Dad and Granddad I can only imagine the pain these families of children so young and innocent...”
— Clark Bales John F. Kennedy High School
“There are no words that come to mind to ease the pain. I am so sorry for your loss and I will be observing the Moment of Silence on Friday Dec 21 2012 @ 9:30am our time.”
— Stacey Cameron Terrace, British Columbia
“My heart breaks for the families who lost their children or loved ones. There is no worst pain on earth than losing a child. Sending you hugs, prayers and my deepest sympathy.”
— Joyce Hinnant
“The beautiful babies and adults taken that day will never be forgotten and are in heaven with our Lord and Savior. They will never be hurt or cry or be scared again.”
— Linda Swinehart Kenmore High School
“Those beautiful children were just babies and were just beginning life. The teachers and principal so brave and did what all of us would have done to try and save our innocent children. God bless all of our teachers and principals who teach and protect our children daily.”
— Lori Lewis
“This senseless tragedy has broken all of our hearts and I can only hope these condolences can give some strength to you and let you know that not only our great nation but the world is behind you and with love, thoughts and prayers.”
— Leslie East Williams Whitsett, North Carolina
“May all the prayers across the world at this time be felt in your hearts.”
— Helen Powers Brown Mackie College
“May the Lord embrace this entire community and give them the courage and strength to work together as a community to begin to heal.”
— Cynthia Sallis
“Even here on the small island of Seychelles, we've been shaken by the incident. My condolences to the families. Our prayers are with you all. Hopefully more will be done to stop these gun madness.”
— Mary-may Valencia
“From Canada- Our family sends our deepest heartfelt condolences to all the families, friends...we give our love and support to you all.”
— Sandra Degrechie
“It's so sad what happened to the little kids. The teachers and staff are still doing what they do best for kids. Just know there IS a playground in heaven with gold swing and sliding boards. The kids are on a golden merry go round saying "DON'T CRY WE ARE IN GOD'S HANDS NOW"!”
— Judy James Atlanta, Georgia
“Take this opportunity to move closer to your family members -- especially your children no matter what their age... Share your sympathy and teach your children what it means to love, share, and serve their communities. You can make a difference in someone's life today. Go ahead and take a chance...”
— Edward Masso Texas Tech University
“I am a mother that has lost 2 sons in the last 6 yrs and my heart breaks for you I know this feeling of grief too well...”
— Anne Hemaur
“Our hearts are broken , sending prayers to all the families & friends of all the victims.....from North Carolina & Puerto Rico.”
— Marisol Rivera
“I'm not an US citizen but I consider myself called to the Day of Mourning. They were children. Period. And I consider people like Victoria Soto a role model, blessed be her soul forever. My deepest sympathy to all the family and friends who lost a loved one, and a deep embrace.”
— Mario Guerra
“My heart is broken for what you have gone through. I am a teacher and cannot fathom such a loss. My prayers go out to you and continue in hope that you will be able to find some peace during this very sad time. May God hold your sweet babies tenderly in his loving arms...”
— Valerie Pinkham Schwietert
“From my family, friends and I, to all the families and friends of the families...an abundance of prayers to light your way in this time of need”
— Isiah Hinson IV
“Our hearts break for you Newtown! Know the whole country is wrapping our arms around you with prayers and hugs! I look at my 7-year-old triplets and thank God for every moment and breath we have together! ((BIG HUGS))”
— Angie Gaines Thomason
“There are no words that can describe the immense tragedy that took the lives of 27 human lives which included twenty 5 & 6 year old children. God be with the families and friends of the lost they're loved ones.”
— Michael LaBue East Norriton, Pennsylvania
“Standing with you in prayer at this time of unspeakable grief.”
— Sandra Catob Warner
“My heart is breaking for the families of these poor children and teachers. It is comforting to know that the teachers were with them. They held them in their last moments.”
— Jacquelyn Fischer
“My granddaughter Amanda is a kindergarten teacher about the same age as Victoria Soto...I know how they love their "kids".”
— Ann Ricotta Amato Beirut Annunciation Orthodox College
“Just know at this time of loss & sadness the whole country is mourning with you. May all of these like angels rest in peace.”
— Missy Fournier New Bedford, Massachusetts
“Anything I can do for lives that were lost, I will do!! God Bless those children and their families.”
— Walter Bailey
“Praying for each and every one of you! You are not alone in your sorrow. God Bless You!”
— Elsie Laymon Mannford, Oklahoma
“I am so sorry! My heart and prayers are with all the families.”
— Cidinha Cruz Waltham, Massachusetts
“A hug to all the little angels flew to heaven.”
— Cosimo Pisano Ede, Netherlands
“This is my hometown, and yours. For those of you that I know, my prayers and my thoughts are with you, and my heart aches for you”
— Amanda Feuerberg
“Begin to heal from this horrific travesty by reaching your hands out to "children in our communities" needing a brother, a sister, a parent or a friend”
— Trish O'Brien Riley East Lansing, Michigan
“The senseless violence in North America needs to stop! When you hear stories like this on the news in brings tears of sorrow to your eyes!”
— Adam Jakubowski GFS Ontario
“When I look in the heavens at night I now see 26 bright shining stars, and know that there beautiful little angels among us! R.I.P Little Angels.”
— Carol Barhydt Devereese
“In the wake of this tragedy in Connecticut, we also remember the past events such as this one. But for the lives of such young beautiful CHILDREN, this nation and this world should come together as one and finally make a change for this.”
— Esther Ioane
“I wish I could do something personally for you all, but I will never forget and will keep you in my daily prayers forever....♥”
— Jeanne McKeon Black
“I can't imagine what your families are going through, but still it feels like it really happened to me! I've cried a river for these kids and every time I remember it breaks my heart again!”
— Miguel A. Fontanez
“Nothing on earth humbles us to our knees quite like the loss of the life of a child...”
— Terry Anderson
“Words alone can not express the pain I feel as a parent to hear of this tragedy. My heart goes out to all families and friends of these victims.”
— JoElla Machel Macias Mountain State University
“You are not alone. There's not enough words to explain the pain or suffering that you've endured.”
— Roxie Heath
“I will never forget this horrible day that took the lives of so many for no reason, my heart goes out to the families of the loved ones lost.”
— Tana Turner
“We feel your pain, and hearts are so crushed, no words can make this better.The families are suffering, and I believe if we work hard on solutions for this never to happen again we are giving a second chance to our love ones...”
— Nancy Bauwman Moniere
“We all around the world our so sorry for has happen to the little lives that have left us way too soon. So what we need to do around the world is grab a hand of a loved one or an adult and tell them they our loved.”
— Denise Fox Chapparone Bonita Vista Senior High
“Your family and babies are now angels up above. They will look down on you, protect you and love you forever. God Bless all of you!”
— Janice Auckland
“I am so deeply sad. I cannot imagine what you are going through. I send you strength.”
— Kelly Del Tufo Raleigh, North Carolina
“There are no words to express how deeply sorry for everyone's loss of these beautiful children and heroic women. This has affected everyone...I feel that they were my children...my grandchildren.”
— Becky Boles Collier
“Our Prayer are to the Parents, you are in our hearts each one of you. I wish I could just hug each one of you. You are in our prayers.”
— Vicky Chambers Burton
“I lost my son, too, to a tragic death. I am so, so sorry for your loss. I owe much of my healing to my friends and family who never left my side.”
— Jane Persh Torrance, California
“I worked as an elementary school nurse, it takes my breath away to think of those precious innocent lives that bring such joy”
— Sophia Mann Columbus Tech
“I still cannot wrap my head around all this. I just pray hard for all those innocent lives lost. So young, so brave, and never forgotten!”
— Dawn Vargas Schmidt
“I could not even imagine what those parents, grandparents, siblings and other family members are feeling. My heart is aching for all of you and Prayers being sent. xx”
— Becky Gradowski Lansing, Michigan
“As a parent, teacher, and citizen of the USA, my heart aches for your community and especially for the families who are forever changed after this terrible tragedy.”
— Jennifer Matthews Grissinger
“Although your loved one may be gone physically, in your heart and mind they will live forever until you meet again. May God Bless you all.”
— Dottie Kamm Mahaffey
“The sadness is overwhelming to me, especially when I think of all the beautiful innocence that was taken from this world, so abruptly, before having the chance to blossom.”
— Angelica Peach University of California, Irvine
“My prayers go out to this whole town especially the parents and loved ones of those who made the ultimate sacrifice on all of these children's behalf.”
— Jayme Fretta Pratt
“Our love seems a small offering, and cannot fix what has been broken in you. You are embraced by the world, and are in the hearts and minds of the nation. If we could make it better, know we would.”
— Kimberly Hansen
“I have been numb since 10am Friday when I heard the first report, so if it has affected me in this way, and I knew none of the victims personally, my god how must their family feel... Those babies that perished at Sandy Hook are all of our babies, and we must do everything possible to ensure that another tragedy like this ever occurs again. RIP angels.”
— Cheri Tyner Department of Homeland Security
“I just want to say to that I seen the pictures of the people lost in this Sandy Hook Elementary shooting were beautiful people here on earth and now they are beautiful Angels in the Sky. God Bless you all from my family here in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada.”
— Brian Thurbide
“Desde Colombia un abrazo muy fuerte de condolencias por estos angelitos que hoy estan en el cielo. Quiero acompañar con una oracion a todos los que en este momento estan pasando por esta situacion que solo Dios es el que puede dar fuerzas y ayudar a soportar este momento de tristeza. Dios los bendiga”
— Miguel Angel Gonzalez Mora Luna, La Union
“My heart is heavy after hearing about your loved ones taken away from you in such a violent way. I pray for the parents, husbands, sisters, brothers, daughters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins and friends, and everyone else who has been left with a void in their hearts...”
— Irma Rakestraw Tennessee Temple University
“3 of my children went to Sandy Hook Elementary. The most wonderful little school ever. My deepest sympathies and love go to all the families that lost a precious loved one.”
— Val Febbraio
“May the Grace of God help the families of the little ones through this difficult time. While you will never get over it, I pray you get through it.”
— Barbara Jean Sundberg
“No parent should ever bury their child. It is just the hardest and deepest of pains... May God Almighty put His loving hands over your hearts to help you cope with this. Amen.”
— Diane Johnson
“My deepest sympathy to all the families. I work in retail and everytime I see a little child I want to hug them and tell them to stay safe.”
— Linda Neil Kitchener, Ontario
“Both my wife and I are active first responders in our Community, and hope to never have to receive a Call like that. Folks, please don't forget to Pray for the first responders both Fire / EMS & Police from many Agencies.”
— Ken Streb Harford Community College
“A day that will never forgotten, grieves and sadness shared for those lost parents.”
— Joey Jaffar Queens, New York

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