Next Heart Care Medical Mission on Sept 10-27. We are very happy because many of our little kids´ hearts will be saved!!! We are ready, everything is set. Please pray that each one of this little kids can go home completely healthy after their surgeries!!…Read More

We need your prays!!

Our Country, El Salvador, is now dealing with the swine flu, and we have programmed our medical missions for September and October. There are many people sick and the hospitals are crowded! Please pray for our children with cardiac diseases, they need to be…Read More

Follow us !!

Now we are in Twitter and have a new blog. Know more about us and help our organization to grow. Tax deductible donations in the United States can be made payable to: Salvadoran American Humanitarian Foundation (SAHF) c/o ASOCIACION SANA MI CORAZON 2050…Read More


Good news!! Our partners, Heart Care International are coming on next September, to make open heart surgeries and catheterizations to at least 50 children. The open heart surgeries are going to be made at Bloom´s Hospital and the catheterizations will be…Read More


Gracias por ser parte de esta causa y fortalecerla, las enfermedades del corazon en los niños son algo tan serio y nadie lo sabe. Gracias por su confianza en Sana Mi Corazon, sigannos apoyando, necesitamos que difundan nuestro trabajo, ya que ello nos ayuda a…Read More


HAZ TU DONATIVO HOY...PARA SALVAR LA VIDA DE UN PEQUEÑO QUE TIENE SU CORAZON ENFERMO. Llamanos al (503) 2211-4674 / 75 escribenos a [email protected] o haz tu aporte monetario a la cuenta de Sana Mi Corazon en Citibank El Salvador, Numero…Read More

Muchas Gracias!!!

Queremos agradecer su apoyo y confianza en nuestro proyecto. Les mantendremos al tanto de nuestros logros para que isgan difundiendo entre sus amigos la bella mision que se nos ha concedido para salvar las vidas de los pequeñitos salvadoreños enfermos del…Read More
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