Just 4 more days are left for a historic event. Do your bit now!!

aadaraneeya bandho! namo namaha! The first ever World Samskrit Book Fair will be held at Bangalore from 7th to 10th. Out of the proposed 136 stalls, 133 have been taken up by publishers of books related to Samskrit. This is a great success by itself, since…Read More

World Samskrit Book Fair @ Bangalore From 7th to 10th Jan 2011

Namaste! Vandanaani! The first ever World Samskrit Book Fair will be held in Bangalore coming January. A 3-day National Conference is being organised along with. Around 10000 delegates are expected to arrive here from around 20 countries. The even will bring…Read More

World Samskrit Day celebrations at Sri Sankara TV on 24th August! Dont miss..

Namaste! adya Vishwa Samskrita Dinotsavaha! sri sankara TV is carrying 3 episodes on Samskrita Bharati at 8.30 am, 10.30 am & 1.30 pm. Dont miss!! You can watch Sri Sankara programs on the Web too!! just click on the Web TV link at…Read More

Every Indian must know Sanskrit for us to raise again!

Remember Hebrew? One guy decided to bring the language back to mainstream. A dead language was given a life. Today the whole of Isreal speaks Hebrew. Their patriotism was rekindled and they found their strength in it. A small nation has shown us the way. Lets…Read More

Did you know you can learn to speak Samskrit in just 10 days

Its true! If you know to speak any Indian Language, it takes just 10 days for you to start speaking in Samskrit, the most powerful, beautiful and perfert language in the world. Samskrita Bharati, a non profit NGO has been teaching people how to speak in…Read More


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