Dr Ibad gets tough

SI4P members. Please read this press article and pass on. Dr Ibad is making tough logical talk. Well done - we are winning! http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2011\02\10\story_10-2-2011_pg12_9

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Check this article: http://www.dawn.com/2011/02/06/stakeholders-oppose-bill-on-auto-disable-syringes.html Thing is, - despite the petty details unsafe injections are still causing death, trauma, and massing financial costs to Government and the…Read More


Nearly at the 5000 level. Soon to launch the petition and take this campaign to a new level. Ready? Thanks for all you members have done so far! Meanwhile please join and spread the other Safe Injections for India, Nigeria, and Tanzania! Marc

Idea 3 - Transparency in Action

Can someone design a poster? It has the LifeSaver Pakistan logo displayed and the safe injection message (http://www.safepointtrust.org/message.htm). We have these printed and hung in health/injection public areas. As each patient gets an injection they sign…Read More

Idea 2 - Petition

Mothers are powerful!! Very Powerful!! I will start a petition on this site, that will be Mothers demanding healthcare workers only give safe injections. This is for you to take to your Mother (or another!) and explain the problem and the solution you…Read More

Idea 1

Please send into the Cause site (and http://www.safepointtrust.org/report.htm), stories - good and bad - of anyone you know who may have experienced an unsafe injection. Please take photos or videos of any place or healthcare worker that can be proved is…Read More

Time for ACTION - Time for your ideas

This week the Sindh Assembly signed unanimously a bill making the reuse of syringes punishable by prison. Great! We need to also make sure that every injection given is safe and clean. Now I need your input as this is your Cause. I would like to know how you…Read More
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