The 28 Gates of Pleasure, Wisdom and Sacred Sensuality

(Please RSVP to one of us that you will be doing the following exercise at some point over the next week or two. We will be forming a private group for those who choose to participate, and only those who RSVP to this note will be invited. Once again, if you…Read More

Join Sacred Sensuality: The Group

Divine Sensuality is about far more than Sex

Hi everybody. I'd like to call your attention to the posting of my teacher, mentor and friend, Yaakov DeSola Abravanel Orot, to the Cause's Discussion board. To me, this says it all, and sums up the purpose of the group. Have a blessed day! Kat "The…Read More

Thanks for joining us. . Now help us to grow!

Thanks for joining us. . Now help us to grow! We are creating centers in Israel and around the world where kindreds can join in the worship of both the sacred and the sensual as in days of old -- without fear or limit. This is happening in real life, in real…Read More
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