News and Updates from Peru

Greetings Ruraq Maki Supporters! Ruraq Maki is halfway through our 3rd week in Ayacucho and we have a lot to report. Firstly, this year’s jewelry workshop is one of the most successful yet! The women have been eagerly learning wire wrapping skills and are…Read More

Ruraq Maki's First Week in Peru!

Greetings Ruraq Maki supporters! Ruraq Maki has just completed its first week in the Yanamilla Prison, working with the women! As always, returning to Ayacucho felt like coming home and I instantly slipped into a different way of life, simpler and slower…Read More

Ruraq Maki in Peru (Again!)

Saludos Ruraq Maki Supporters! Ruraq Maki is nearing the end of another wonderful trip to Peru and jewelry making workshop in the Yanamilla Prison! This trip Ruraq Maki offered a basic and advanced jewelry making workshop in the prison. The basic class…Read More

Ruraq Maki in Peru

Saludos Ruraq Maki supporters, We are nearing the end of our first trip to Peru in the New Year and have a lot to share! In the fall and winter we participated in three craft fairs and sold nearly all of the women’s work. We received lots of positive praise…Read More

Ruraq Maki Fall News

Greetings Ruraq Maki Supporters, Since our last email Ruraq Maki has been growing steadily. Our first San Francisco show and sale was huge success and Ruraq Maki’s bags and products received glowing reviews. Keep an eye out for Ruraq Maki bags and t-shirts…Read More

Big News for Ruraq Maki

Greetings Ruraq Maki members, Since returning from Peru, there has been big news for Ruraq Maki. Firstly, we are officially incorporated as a non-profit in California, which means we’re on the books! Following our incorporation, we opened a bank account in…Read More
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