Thank you!

Hello Runners, Walkers, and Tiger supporters! You did it! Thanks to you and everyone who came out on Saturday the second annual Run for the Wild was a roaring success! With your dedication and participation, we had a great turnout: over 5,000 runners and 360…Read More

Spring Sprint for Run for the Wild

Hello Runners, Walkers, and Tiger Supporters, We've got a special challenge for those of you that have already signed up for the second annual Run for the Wild on April 24th: Ask every tiger fan you know to donate to your campaign and you could win a Premium…Read More

Fundraising Contest for Run for the Wild

Hello Runners, Walkers, Tiger Supporters! As April 24 approaches, we’re upping the ante—the Run for the Wild fundraising contest has begun! We need your help in recruiting as many tiger supporters as possible to help us in our efforts to save these…Read More

New Yorkers for Culture

As you know the 1st annual WCS Run for trhe Wild was a tremendous success with more than 3700 people participating. We look forward to next year's event and your active participation. We now hope you will join our new cause: New Yorkers for Culture. New York…Read More

Run Update

Hello fellow WCS Run for the Wild Supporters! We're a week out from the Big Race and it looks like we will have more than 1500 people participating. As you can imagine this will be a daunting logistical task. If any of you are interested in volunteering that…Read More

Meet SIlverback Ben at the WCS Run for the Wild cause page

We have a new video that introduces Silverback Ben, one of the WCS Run for the Wild participants. He is very committed to his training! You should come to the page and watch this entertaining vignette.

Check out the WCS Run for the Wild website

Please come to and learn all about the preparations for the first ever Run for the Wild. We are always looking for more participants. If you can't join us please feel free to sponsor me! Thanks again for your interest and support for…Read More
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