Ruby Rose Trial Ordered Stop by Court of Appeals Judge

The accused has a right to a fair trial but if it hinders the victims quest for justice, it becomes a cruel joke heaped upon not just the victim but the judicial system as a whole! We cannot allow this travesty, please inform your network on what is going on…Read More

Run for Justice for Ruby Rose Barrameda

Hi! Please join the "Run for Justice for Ruby Rose Barrameda" on Friday, Dec. 16, 2011. Assembly point is in front of the Supreme Court at 8:30 am. A mass for justice will follow to be officiated by Fr. Robert Reyes, the running priest. Please wear your…Read More

Expression of Gratitude

No words can express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the overwhelming support and kindness everybody showed to us... We were touched with this outpouring of love for Ruby Rose. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! From the Barrameda Family…Read More

3 years passed and the slow grind of justice evades Ruby Rose.

No one deserves to be murdered, no one has the right to kill someone and yet maniacal criminals still do.

Update on Ruby Rose

Please see to it that Exec. Sec. Ochoa a frat brod of one of the Jimenez read this article and tell him to come clean lest he disapoints people who believes that this is a different…Read More

Justice 4 Ruby Rose DOJ Rally

Join and please pass around this message from Rochelle Barrameda: kung cno man po ang gusto magjoin sa rally namin sa DOJ on june 10, 9am, ur all very welcome... it's Ruby's anniv nung naretrieve sya. 1 year na, la paring justice!!! sana po patuloy parn ang…Read More

We really need to strenghten our cause

The accused as usual are using delaying tactics and worse spreading lies disrespecting the deceased, a bad trait we see mostly on conscienceless cold blooded…Read More
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