Vote for the REAL underdogs this Federal election

With just 9 days to go until the election we’re seeking your help to bring the plight of the REAL underdogs to the attention of your local candidates. Political Animal highlights four urgent animal welfare issues that the RSPCA wants the next Federal…Read More

Get On Board: Help end live sheep exports

Around 4 million Australian sheep are sent to the Middle East on gruelling sea voyages every year, just to be slaughtered for their meat when they get there. There are serious welfare concerns for sheep on every stage of this journey. It's time to put an end…Read More

Jumps Racing to continue despite horse deaths

We're sad to report that Racing Victoria has decided to continue this senseless sport despite 6 horse deaths already this year. The RSPCA is appalled but not defeated. There is still one man who can force a ban - VIC Racing Minister Rob Hulls. If you share…Read More

Help us end cruel jumps racing

RSPCA Victoria needs your help to permanently ban jumps racing. 6 horses have already died during the 2009 racing season and more deaths are inevitable if this 'sport' is allowed to continue. A decision will be made later this week so time is of the…Read More

Million Paws Walk online registrations closing soon

The 2009 RSPCA Million Paws Walk is just over a week away, being held at many locations across Australia on Sunday May 17. Online pre-registrations close this afternoon, so get in quick! By pre-registering online, you'll save both time and money. You won't…Read More

Do you trust what you put in your shopping trolley?

If you buy free-range eggs, you should be safe to assume that it came from a free-range hen. However, this isn’t always the case. Australia does not currently have nationally consistent definitions for terms like free-range, grain-fed or organic, so it’s…Read More


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